Thursday, January 7, 2010


 Life is stressful.
Holidays can be stressful.
What the hell?
How can I be a great Hostess with the Freshy Fresh Most~esst
if I'm StReSSed?!

Back in my late 20's, I grooved a magic carpet ride through the New Age movement.
It was what I had been looking for.
The best part was getting into Meditation.
For Someone who constantly was referred to as a vibrating ball of energy
{not always in a kind way either!}
it was Heavenly.
Dad always said if I didn't learn to relax, 
I was gonna have a heart attack by 30.
THANKFULLY! that did not happen.

Cause I learned to relax.

I loved the Peace and Balance and Serenity,
the clearing of the Fog,
the healthy Health
It was Amazing.

We had a meditation group that met, I kid you not,
every Wednesday for about 3 years.
Unfortunately, but realistically, it came to an end. 
People moved on, and the People who moved in, 
were more for the want to say Oh Yeah, I meditate. 
Their energy sucked!

Over the years I drifted away from it and now, 
10 years later, find My Self yearning for it.
I have a couple of guided meditations, that are pretty decent. 
I wish I still had my old one. 
It was Fantastic.

For the new year, I want to get back into Meditation.
Its time.
 Time to get focused and quit being a Sugar Cube melting in the Rain.

So I'm dusting off the cd,
Lighting Candles, Incense,
and  TriPPing the Rift...

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