Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She shOOts!! She Scores!!! My New Art Supplies

I totally scored a bounty of gOOdies!
Two Best Friends, gave Me a Loaded to the Hilt, gift card.
and did I use it!

Since I do so much with Resin,

I'm constantly looking for new things to embed in it.
Paper is so versatile and functional.
Alone or with added objects.
I get most of My Art Supplies from hoBBy loBBy.
They have a gazillion different papers.
and cheap! 
So, I......
Loaded Up.

These Paper Punches inspired Me to try some new things with My Paper and Resin.

I've been salivating over this Martha Stewart GLiTTeR pack since October. Now, At first glance, the $30.00 price tag threw Me. But! If You break it down, it's only $1.67 a bottle . Pretty much the average for others. Its the color tones that make it. Really looking forward to working with these.
I reached a point in My resin art, a while back, where I needed to make My own molds.
I've been using a brush on mold maker, that works well, but I really liked the idea of making impressions and having them ready quite quickly. This is the mold making material that I've wanted to try; Splurged on that. The great thing about this is its multiple Crafty mold uses; food, soap, resin.

I restocked my Sewing Machine nEEdles, and bought this pretty copper colored thread.

But, the sweetest treat on this score,
were these Whimsical 
{I've been dying to say that}
PaPers that I found.

ON Sale!

 Good Bounty All Around, Love.

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