Saturday, January 30, 2010

FuLL mOOn ~ January ~ Wolf Moon

  Wolf Moon
Tonight is Januarys Full mOOn also known Wolf Moon. Native Americans refer to this winter moon as Wolf Moon for this is when the wolves are close, hungry, and howling, outside the warm homes of the villagers.
Supposedly, it's also the brightest and biggest of this years line up. 
Alas, due to cloudy weather, I won't be able to see it. Sigh.

All my womb fruits have an admiration and love of the mOOn.
As do I.
According to The G~Man's working co~horts, yes, pEEps do act a
Little Bit Crazier crazy on a Full moon.
I like to think more on an Amorous~Crazy~for~You kind of mOOd
You won't even need candle light!

Full moon rituals are my favored and most pleasant rituals I ever do. Much of it has to do with the simplicity of it. Full moons are also a time for letting go, cleaning house, Soul or otherwise.
{and who wants negativity any day, especially if its going to be a Holiday}
This is a grand time to do Wolf magic also.

Burning bits of paper~ Write down on pieces of paper the things You want to cleanse from Your life. Close eyes, take a deep breath, and burn it,
Burn baby Burn.


Smudge Smudge~ a big fat smudge stick is needed here. Make sure you carry around some type of container to catch the ash as you walk through your house and smoke it out. I leave my windows and doors open for this also. Nothing like chasing out the Negatives with some blessed smoke. Start in the furtherest corner of your house and walk through. I open up cabinet doors and closets also and make sure the Smudge smoke gets in. If your gonna clean, clean it right! What ever Spiritual or Religious philosophy you associate with, there is always a prayer or chant for purging, cleansing, and healing. {these are really good smudge sticks>

Salt bath by Candlelight ~ Sea salt and candles. The Salt purifies and the Flames from the candle burn away the bad energy. Just to clarify, You bath with the Salt, and burn the candles! Make sure You have enough time to relax and  think about what You want to get rid of and change.

Candles ~ a simple lone white candle can have some pretty powerful energy. Especially if placed in or near a window in the mOOnlight.

If You have the time, A nice cleaning of the Humble House~ a good wipe down, vacuum, 
mop the kitchen floor; 
Open up some windows and doors, even if its just for a few minutes 
{I am totally aware of you all who live in snow, but You too!). 
The attic fan that was put in our house when it was built in 1953 still works, and you can bet i use it to my advantage!

In honor of this years Wolf mOOn I have some music selections for your enjoyment!

Wolf mOOn ~ Type O Negative

Crazy on You ~ Heart { I ♥ Heart}

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  1. Ooh, the salt bath by candlelight sounds fabulous - I think I'm gonna have me one of those!

  2. I learned something about Full Moons or Wolf moons...letting go and cleaning house. Makes sense and a wise practice. I signed up to follow you. Good luck with your blog. Drop by my place and perhaps return the favor.