Sunday, January 17, 2010

Studio, New workbench, Getting organized ~ A

It seems that after the Holiday craze, 
Studio clean up is a Uno Numero priority for Crafters.
I am no exception.
I have really enjoyed seeing other Artists amongst
the tribbles of Their studio, 
and having confirmation that I am not the only one who's studio looks like 
a Posse of Priscillas had their Beauty Day.

One thing I asked of Santa The Man, is for a new workbench. I did have pics of the assembly, but alas, They decided to launch themselves into oblivion of their own accord.

After assembly the new bench, the plan was to replace the table by the window. 
As is wont to happen,
the Plans on the paper didn't quite match the Plans in reality.
Now the conundrum. 
How the hell to squeeze all of that into the same space.
Because, the whole purpose was to STREAMLINE!
And on top of that, it was a multi room reorganiztion so I was literally going in circles.
Remember the toy room? yeah, I know....
So here is the progress so far.

One of the biggest issues is the easel. 
Love my Easel, but it's like having a MaMMoth for a pet.
and the Rolling Paint Tray, its favorite play toy.
I was constantly pulling and pushing both out of My way.

Also reorganize all my watchmakers tins! 
After several attempts at magnets, and velcro, I'd had it. 
Another reason I needed my new workbench 
was the awesome ass drawers provided by said workbench. 
Perfect for the tins.
The stereo needs a new perch cause I really need that spot! 
So far I've gotten the bench together.........yeah.                                        
Well, I did put it in it's place.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its off to work I goooo.....If I'm not back for dinner, send The G~Man a flare!

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