Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Maw Maw

She taught me how to make a house a home.
She taught me how to make her famous Chicken & Dumplings.
She taught me little work diddies to make the work faster.

She like Cherry vanilla ice cream.
She liked Church.
She liked Coke in a bottle, ice cold.

She let me make candles out of melted crayons.
She let me spend as many nights as I wanted with Her.
She let me cut up her quilting supplies.

She would order me special treats out of Harriet Carter.

She eloped with My Grandfather after falling in LoVe with Him, after He and His mother and sister came to board at My Grandmothers~ Mothers house. I still have the train case that He bought Her for their Honeymoon.

Most of all, She Loved Me Best!

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