Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday PJ mOOndoGGie

Anyone who has kids will understand this:

The Blu~Man is My Heart
The Secret Agent Cupcake  is My Dream Come True 
and P.J. { a P, a J, and Two dots} is My Firstborn.

He loved Mo the mOOn growing up,
hence the nickname mOOndoGGie.
and now here he is all grown up.
Talented, Quirky, Sassy, and Finally beginning to understand!
Graphic Design, Silk Screen and Miniatures are His forte'.
I'm trying to talk Him into creating stuff to sell.

His favorite Cake is Sacher Torte. Um, YuMMM!!
We just order it from Our local La Madeleine.
And if He's Lucky, there'll be a piece left over for Him to take home.
Mucho Loves, mOOndoGGie!

Happy Birthday!

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