Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Ghost and Mrs McClure

 The Haunted Bookshop Series
A series written by Alice Kimberly
{she also writes The Coffeehouse Mysteries under Cleo Coyle}

Nice cozy reads to simply tune out to! 

the main character Penelope, who comes back to be partner with Her Aunt at the boOkstore,
as She struggles with Her independence and being a single parent. 

the main character Jack, the Apparition American  Hero
{aka: Ghost, after He was murdered in said boOkstore},
who encourages Penelope to not be a patsy.

Can you have two main characters?....
Set in a Bookstore WITH an Apartment upstairs! How cooL is that?

An instant connection between the two main characters. 
An other appealing fact is the vintage flair, complete with vintage language.

Toss in Some savory pEEps, Some time travel, Some supernatural LoVe, Some nasty in~laws,  Some gOOd natured town folk and humor, I find my Self cheering Penelope on to show them what for! HMPH!

I have read the First 3 and will be getting the next two soon.

A perfect little read for lazy days, road trips, beach.....

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