Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Atomic Home~Femineered

The 50s 

Take away the over saccharinated cardboard Happy and you have some pretty cool stuff.
The 50s look like the 90s felt for Me.
The excitement of a New Adventure, 
being on My own, 
the ups and downs of navigating through LiFe.

I would love to have seen My house brand new, it was built in 1953
and I may yet come across a picture, keeping fingers crossed. 

This book is a great visual full of ads that show what was popular in the day.

I have a thing for 1950s kitchens, with their Crayola Crayon happiness.
Its like being on the inside of a crayon box, looking out.
Its all the Neat Storage, and Cubbies, and Innovative Appliances.
I am trying to stick to the time period of Our home, 
just with updated and better stuff.
There are  so many places, on and off line that sell retro,
Its even easier to get your dreams to come true than in the 50s.
I totally want a sky baby blue fridge in my kitchen.

My grandmother had a table and chair set pretty much like the one pictured in the ad. 

We used to have a jammin~completely~get~lost~for~two~ hours antique place here that had loads of these. Now, I can't seem to find them anywhere. Cause, I have the perfect spot for one...
I love plain white dishes and clear glasses, saving the mishmash of china for Parties.

Speaking of Parties, and Holidays, and Days Just Because,
these Magic Candle Bars!

I'm already in the mOOd!!

Its the wifely duties to set the mOOd!
Well, they say Wifely, I say Womanly, 
and its not really duty 
if you want to do it, now is it?

I want to "femineer" my kitchen.
I want to be a "femineerist" and not be "feared"

I want the Rainbow.

Atomic Rainbow.

Baby blue fridge, baby.....Baby Blue.

{From the glory days of linoleum and wood paneling to innovations in dishwashers, ovens, and washing machines, ATOMIC HOME: A GUIDED TOUR OF THE AMERICAN DREAM remembers the fads, fashions, and inventions of the postwar American dream home. With the war over, soldiers returned home to an unprecedented time of prosperity; the family home, with its white picket fence, became the status quo. Suburbs boomed and keeping up with the Joneses became a way of life for wives and weekend home-improvement warriors. Brimming with vintage illustrated advertisements depicting the "latest" in furniture, bathroom designs, and much more, ATOMIC HOME offers cultural commentary and design inspirations for an era that defined the modern family dwelling.}


  1. I love the 50's look. There are some really nice things you can get if you know where to go.

    The wonder of recycling, I suppose.

  2. {thingy~ I'm hoping to do some scouring around all those cool little shops in New Orleans soon. The best place used to be in Ponchatoula but alas, most of them have closed.