Saturday, January 9, 2010

Glass Candle Jars ~Recycled

ok, I'm bored. 
I'm in the mood to do something creative or just something. 
The studios still a mess, so that's out. 
These are the perfect times to do those little things you put off.
Like my candle jars.
Most especially after the Holidays when You've burned a gazillion of them.  
If they are nice enough I will stash them away to use Later. 
Well, its Later.

So I decided to clean them up and put them to use.

I fill a pan with water , as close to the top as I could and let the jars boil. 
The wax melts and collects on the water,
and as the jars are dewaxed,
I carefully take Them one by one
and putting under hot running water 
{it should be hot to keep jars from cracking if cooled to fast} 
and scrubbing the Dickens out of Them.
Dispose of the hot water/old wax when its cooled.  

New clean jars to store stuff in. 
and I did!

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