Friday, January 8, 2010


A Cold and Grey day, 

The Sugar Plums get an unexpected day off of school 
because it was "supposed" to Ice and Sneaux, 

and, No Surprise here ~behind Schedule.

                       So what to do for some chEEring Up?!
Why, Treats~for~My~WishList~ShoPPing! of course.
and Thanks to the World Wide Web,
I can do it from Home
while siTTing on My Bum and drinking CoFFee.

and what CoLoR do I chOOse?
Not only does it go well with Grey,
         but darling! its so chEEry.... 
One (of the Many!) reasons, I want to learn to crochet better,
and also knit, is SLiPPer Socks!
I wear Them constantly, 
I go through Them like most PeoPLe go through Their cell phone minutes.
These Dark Pink Mary Janes are right up there on my Cozy Factor Standards. 
I Love everything about the Look of them.

Now, here's something to chEEr ya right Up!
This exquisite set of Organza PoPPy Flowers.
I am envious of Those that can sit down and 
whip up a Shirt, Skirt, Scarf to aTTach these to!
Oh the Dream....

Any type of chEEry shoPPing requires some JeWeLry.
This necklace is just Delicious. 
Even the name ~ Pink Currants ~ is Delish.
And that Smokey Gunmetal chain, takes it from Little Girl to Saucy Woman.
I already have the perfect dress for this 
{see previous blog~ Betty Paige wear}

Need something Spunky Punky to set off those Combat bOOts?
This'll do Ya.

Pink & Orange PiCaSSo Ring.

I really liked the simple design of this belt but the color sets it.
This was the color of My most adored Lipstick in the 80s & 90s.
sigh, I can no longer seem to find it any more. So I shall wear it another way....

Flowers in My Hair, is not a new concept for Me,
while PoPPies are a Life~time favorite of Mine  
from Wizard of Oz  to my Turkish Heritage.

Oriental PoPPies Headband

Its natural, that I would yearn for these Flower Hair Treats.

After all that Bum Sitting and CoFFee Drinking,
searching for New Wishes,
{hey, its REALLY hard to pick some times!} 
it would be so scrumdiliupmtious, to eat some Curry or Lentil soup
from these DragonFly Bowls

I would end the day on a Rose Scented note.
This soap sounds really Heavenly, a combined scent of Rose and Musk.
Seductive MeoW. 
I am, 
Smitten like Eartha Kitten.

PS. The Cute Little Pink Ceramic Deer was Sold.
Crochet Mary Janes

Organza PoPPy Flowers

Pink Currants Necklace

Pink & Orange PiCaSSo Ring

Hot Pink Bird Belt

Oriental PoPPies Headband

Flying Dragonfly Bowls

Rose Soap

Pink Ceramic Deer {sold}

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