Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hot CoCoa

Hot CoCoa

This is Your basic Hershey's Hot CoCoa.
Its special to Me, because of My Maw Maw.
When I was in Elementary School, She lived on the same street.
Every Morning, I would stop at Her house, 
and She would make Me a cup of cocoa.
The afternOOns were just as delightful, but that's another post.
and We ALL know,
LoVe makes everything beTTer.

These cups were given to Me for Yulemas, 
from My friend, Detlev.
They are Perfect for a cup of morning chocolate.

The Marshmallows, a little Lagniappe.

1 spoonful {not heaping, cocoa is strong}
2 to 3 spoonfuls of sugar
1 spoonful of creamer
Toss of Marshmallows if wanted, needed, desired.

I just use whatever cup I'm drinking out of to measure My milk.
Pour in Your pan, add Your Cocoa, Sugar and Creamer.
I use My Whisk to stir it up.
Pour into cups when heated enough {not boiling}
and proceed to park Your bum on the nearest comfortable place
and Indulge.

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