Monday, July 12, 2010

The Big Dinner

We always try to have one The Big Dinner 
when we do road tripps.  
Sometimes, it's a Restaurant, Sometimes, it's cOOking.
Since we had a full kitchen I was in the mood to cook it.
A full on Roast Beef Dinner
I love to cook roast, its just that I hardly do.

I like Sirloin Tip roast best, 
but any beef roast will do.
As with most all of the meat I cook, 
I use very simple Spices.

For the Roast, I use:
Garlic ~ fresh or powdered
Onion ~ diced or little strips
Water ~ about 1 cup

Tin Foil
Roasting pan or dish
Puncture the Roast all over, place some cloves of Garlic in a few. Throw the Onions and rest of the Garlic into the pan, 
add the water, cover with Tin Foil.

I cook my Roast on a low temperature, 
around *250/300 degrees 
for approximately 45 mins to an hour. 
Adjust yours to the size of your roast 
and the temperature of your oven.
Take the Tin Foil off 
and turn temperature up to around *350,
finish cooking for another 30 ~ 40 minutes, 
basting a couple of times.
Test the Roast. 
I cut the center to see, and go from there. 
We like med!rare at our humble abode.

The Sides
Yams ~ I just opened the can, put in pot, added a touch of salt,
a sprinkle of sugar and cooked on a low heat til heated through.

Peas ~ a couple of pieces of butter; 
cook til heated through. 

Rice ~ long grain.
Cooked for about 20 mins and then allowed 
to "steam" with towel placed on top

And of course, I~have~conquered~the~gravy Gravy.
This time I decided to try a canned store bought Beef broth
which worked technically, but wasn't anywhere NEAR the prize 
you get when you use  
the Broth & Drippings from the actual meat.
It was still delicious; just had to flavor it up more.

Who is that guy?

Add drinks,
Cherry Clafouti for Dessert
and you truly have The Big Dinner!

The only sound was the clinking and tinkling
of Silverware against China.

Is there a better compliment?

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