Thursday, July 8, 2010


With the heat of SuMMer melting Us into pools of gloob, 
You may associate White with the glaring heat and killer death rays
of the sun....not I.
To me, it is the vision of Wynter and the wishful want of Sneaux.
At least, in that theater called my Mind, it is....sigh.

What better way to dance your way into cooler weather 
than with this sweet pair of Mary Janes!  
I'm not sure about this whole no white after labor day thing, 
but I have no doubt that I could smash it up with something 
and look great!

While hunkering inside the Humble Abode,
pass some Creative Time with Your Self, Kids, Friends
and make these cards speaketh!
They just ache for something Fantastical.
Expressions, bits of PaPer, Mod Podge....
Priscilla says "Sugar, don't forget The GLiTTer!

 I see a deck of Tarot Cards.....

 Naturally, in the Glaring Heat,
Hair can quickly become Your worst enemy!
The Longer the Hair, the more evil it is...
And since I entertain no thoughts of cutting it, I shall pin it up. 
Although these pins are listed as Bridal, 
there is no reason why they can't be worn any other time.
Put on that wrap dress and pin that hair up....
and whether its the summer breeze blowing on your neck
or your honey blowing sweet nothings in your ear.
no worries, Your hair is

 All I could think when I saw these, 
was how delightful it would be to just dive in 
{WITH a spOOn!} 
to some luscious pudding or parfait....
cause, everybody loves parfait!
maybe even something exotic, like Geranium Rice Pudding.

 I'm not usually a fan of white purses; but this LoVeLy caught My eye.
It reminds me of mOOnflowers at night. 
Perfect for a full moon evening in New Orleans, anytime.

and then, there's just good old Ivory Soap. 
It makes me feel clean just by scent.
And on those hot sticky days and nights, 
who wants a film of anything adding extra nuisance?!
I see your hiney, so bright and shiny....

 White Wedding ~ Billy Idol 

Knights in White Satin ~ The Moody Blues

Dear Golden Vintage ~ Mary Janes

Scrap Bits ~ Blank Cards

Venust ~ Flower Hair Pins[0]=tags&%3Bincludes[1]=title

Melanie Peralto 28 ~ Milk Glass Goblets

Eight Seasons ~ Purse

Ivory Soap

Onor's Fashion ~ Wrap Dress[0]=tags&%3Bincludes[1]=title

Geranium Rice Pudding


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