Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The kids have been wanting to make their own ice cream
We loaded up the machine, and our supplies, bought the fresh milk at the store
and made ice cream.
Since this is only the second time we've used the ice cream maker, 
we stuck with the prepackaged stuff.
I mixed up the ice cream and stashed it in the fridge for a few hours
per the instructions. 


After the required chilling time, it was time to put the ice cream maker to work.
Pour the ice cream mixture into the cannister,
place blade in and cover with top.

Layer your rock salt and ice around the cannister
to the top. Then place motor on. Start your machine.

When the ice cream is finished churning,
 remove the motor and blade,
plug hole in lid with plug,
repack with ice and rock salt to finish freeze.

Just follow your ice cream makers instructions.
The last step didn't seem to do too much,
so I put the cannister in the freezer.
It was really good for prepackaged.
It was more like ice milk, than ice cream.
Next time, I want to try the cooked version
and a custard version.

Made for a nice simple dessert or treat.

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