Sunday, January 29, 2012

Classic Oatmeal Cookies~

 easy like Sunday morning.....
or Afternoon!

The Blu Boy asked to make Oatmeal cOOkies a few weeks ago,
and today was a perfect day for it!
The Pink Girl was most interested, 
for she is heads~over for ANY 
kind of cOOkie dough....srsly.

We went the way of Classics, 
using the recipe that comes on the inside lid 
of the Quaker Oatmeal canister.

My WombWeebles have been
in the kitchen from conception,
I'm  usually in there...

Cooking is such a great opportunity to
teach and have fun with the Kiddos,
it should be mandatory, like,
by Universal Parental Units Association or something;

The Blu~man is hitting the fractions hard this year
and what better way to teach them, than coOking.

Plus, I get to teach the Wombers how irresistible Vanilla is!
It always makes them Laugh when I dab a bit on the pulse points.

Ready to go!

 Thank you Mr. Quaker.
There are some Happy Campers here,
and a MoM that's golden! {ding!}


  1. cookies are mouth watering yummmy........... I'm from the 12 months of christmas project. Got your message, but wasn't sure how to contact you. Here's my email if you'd still like to guest blog we can set something up. thanks for your interest

  2. {Hey Berta! That sounds like fun. I will email you.