Saturday, January 7, 2012

January FuLL moOn ~ Notions, Potions, & a bit of Magic with Bear

January sees PeoPLe setting
restriction and guilt inspired resolutions
that bind Us through the year.
This is the perfect time to ease
those prisonal vibes,
get out the CaVe,
set realistic goals
and have some Fun
along with the Responsibility.

Bear teaches us to respect
our natural hibernation cycles.
Just as Bear rests during Wynter
 and reawakens during Spring,
we need spaces of Rest and Rejuvenation.
Now is the time to Rejuvenate.

Bear calls us to awaken the potential
within ourselves and
the power of our unconscious mind.
Bear reminds us there is a time
for playfulness and a time to be assertive.

Full moOn baths are the simplest, loveliest, 
and round~all way to work a bit of Magic.
White is your round~all CoLoR 
and is best for cleansing and realignment.

Full moon to new moon ~ waning ~ getting smaller}
 You want to make the binds and obstacles 
disappear, to shrink and fall away, allowing
the Energy to flow freely.

Sea Salt
White Candle{s}
draw a Bath
Soft Tunes: New Agey, Nature, Harvest, etc.
plus a good imagination,
your going to visit Bear.

a bit of Magic:
On this FuLL mOon night, 
prepare a cleansing Salt bath.
Fill your bath with warm water, 
and sprinkle 1/2 cup Sea Salt,
swish to dissolve.
Light the Candle{s}.
Start music.

As you relax, slow your breathing
to nice steady pace.
You want to go through
the MediTaTion
with the similar pace of
reading a book to a child.

Visualize your Self in a CaVe.
Next to you is Sleeping Bear
It's dark, and quiet,
no fear,
just the steady breathing of YoU and BeAr.

One by one,
Candles light throughout the CaVe.
The soft scent of Honey is in the air
as the Candles burn.
Slowly, Bear rouses and awakens.

There is no fear.

as Bear awakens,
feel the rejuvenating
EnErgy as you bond.

Hear the Music.

Bear gets up and begins to Dance.
You dance with him/her.

Feel the joy and let this energy
banish the Wyntery Doldrums
and tiredness,
let it kick start your
Mind and Heart and Soul.

Wind down the dancing,
and sit with Bear a moment.
Now is the to let that energy
shine through
and iLLuMiNaTe your way.

Set your goal or goals
and know that with BeArs help
you can attain your goal
with hard work and responsibility,
like a BeAr who works at getting Honey.
By knowing when to move forward and when to rest.
They are both essential in desires coming to fruition.

Dancing Bears by William Beard

meditation property of The Holiday HoHo Queen.
Please give credit if reposted.

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