Thursday, June 14, 2012

French Quarter Artists ~ faR ouT maN!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys!

After years of scoping out those wild and crazy peeps
at the Jackson Square artist strip,
for the first time eveah, I purchased these two pieces.

Fell in LoVe immediately with the Space painting.
It's right up my sci`fy alley...
I wish I could have taken pictures of the
others He had.


This next piece I really had a lot
of trouble picking out, only
because I couldn't decide
which piece I wanted.

There was a Green Heart piece
that was some tough competition!
Not to mention, but will, ReVeRanD Varg was freakin HigHLaRious!
Double CooL.
I will be going back!
I look forward to a few more purchases from these two,
and also a few others that I didn't get to buy from.

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