Sunday, June 3, 2012

PrisciLLa's EarThLy DeLights

We finally did it.
We bought a new car.
Never had a BRAND new car before.

It talks to me.
{Priscilla says: ooohhh, that's faaancy!}

I call her Maxine.

All that's missing is some FLuBBeR!!!

The 2012 Ford Escape
{Priscilla says:  Eh~scahp~pey!}


  1. I know how it feels to be able to buy something out of your own hard work! Why’d you name it Maxine? Anyway, I’m sure that the Ford Escape can provide you with the outmost comfort wherever you may want to go. Stay safe!

    -Junior Perrera

    1. Junior ~ Thanks! We are ToTaLLY Loving it! Maxine just popped into my head, kind of sassy, and it stuck! It surely makes a road tripp to New Orleans a lot more fun and comfortable. Now all she needs is a Visualize Whirled Peas bumper sticker...

  2. Oh, cool! You also give your car a name, huh? :) Well, I do that too! It’s fun, right? It feels great whenever I call my car with the name I’ve given to her. “Let’s go, Jazz!” It’s like I’m just really talking to a friend. Haha!

    1. Maria ~ lol, I do! I also named my bike, Priscilla. I like Jazz for a car!