Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nostalgic FiFthe of mOod

This time, every year, makes Me Nostalgic.
Back to school, 
Autumn on her way,
Yulemas to prepare for...

Good times they are a comin....

My Nostalgic FiFthe of mOod; brings me back to the end of summers 
and beginning of school days.

Phoebe Snow ~ Poetry Man

Aerosmith ~ Walk this Way

Minnie Ripperton ~ Loving You


Elton John ~ Island Girl

Meri Wilson ~ Telephone Man   

Pattie Labelle ~ Lady Marmalade

Rod Stewart ~ You're in My Heart

KC & The Sunshine Band ~ Get down tonight


  1. This is too cool! The tune, oh, the tunes....Thanks for your sweet encouragement about my Friend Boy situation. You're the best!


  2. {cj ~ thanks, I had to calm my Self or it would have just been complete overload!
    I hope things work out; It's sad enough losing friends, but one so cherished is just, worse.

  3. Nice choice of tunes! I love those little dresses with the cat and dog on that ABBA are wearing!