Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ruggles ~ so nice, went thereTwice!

I have a LoVe~LoVe relationship with 
Coffee shoppes and Bakeries.
It all started in downtown Istanbul
with miniature eclairs in a white box....
I also met The Chook Man in a Coffee Shoppe.

We found Ruggles during a GooGLe search.
In the 4 days we were in Houston,
we went there 3 times.

The Pastry counter was loaded with pastries
in sizes big enough to share at least
between two people.
I had the creme brulee and 
The Hubs had the White Chocolate Bread Pudding.
Both were delicious but the bread pudding 
was better. 

Twice I was given a complimentary 
chocolate covered spoon
and a ginger snap cookie.
Those were great for breakfast.

  We decided to have dinner there one night.

I just had a regular turkey sandwich with the sides
and The Hubs had the burger and fries.
He also got a bowl of the Black Bean soup 
and I'd have to say
that was the best part of the whole meal.

I did like the Lime in the ice tea instead of Lemon. 
I've never had it like that!

 and of course, we would finish up with more coffee.....

nomnomnom....good eats.

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