Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Guild Shop

 This has to be one of the Toppe 3
totally BEST! scores I've ever had
at a Flea Market/Vintage Store...

When We had originally started planning 
Our down time for The Man's conference,
it was going to be mainstream stuff.


Galleria/Neiman Marcus.


Then I realized that I wanted to do something different.
Instead of going to Ikea to buy bed side tables,
I wanted to check out the local haunts.

Google is my friend.
I found a list with the 10 great Vintage;

The Guild Shop was on the list,
and was a hit in what~not department
for Furnishings.
 I didn't find the tables I wanted 
but racked up in Fashion Department.

The first thing I found were these Fantastic boots by Reaction.
I've always had a LoVe of long BoOts, 
starting with the Red ones I had as a Child.
I'll wear them with anything ~ long skirt, short dress, pants.
In the basket they went.

The next two LoVeLy items were in the Clothing Department.
Practically next to each other.
In my size.
In luscious, Autumn colors.
Very Inexpensive.
I was giddy with Laughter at my continuing goOd Luck. 
This beautiful multi~colored wrap skirt
Valerie by Valerie Stephens 


The magenta spaghetti dress fit all my requirements:
length ,
it's by Converse.

 After wandering through all the House Furnishings,
Housewares, bits, and pieces
I picked up this crystal Star shaped candle holder.


for the icing on the lady fingers...this gorgeous Purple Rhinestone ring.

Thanks to the flexible band, there was no problem with the fit. 

The whole experience was Fantabulous!

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