Monday, August 9, 2010

Manila PaPer and Crayons

With School starting in just two days, 
I am reminded of my favorite art supplies. 
Manilla paper and crayons.
The quintessential necessities for some groovy art work.  
The smell, the feel, the blank canvas and 64 choices of color...h
ow could a kitten could wrong? 

Pippi Longstocking's infamous bout with manila paper, where she declared it wasn't big enough and proceeded to draw on the floor. She's right, I don't think they could make a piece of manila paper that was big enough.

thank god for scotch tape.  

Creating structured pieces from the teachers instructions on the blackboard, 
to masterpieces that i was sure everyone would just be cracker jack over....

or putting rainbow sections of color down as a base, 
and then a cover of black to scratch out a picture.

Holidays ~ Where paper was colored and cut, glitterized and glued.

Yep you just can't go wrong with Manila paper and crayons.

Great stocking stuffers too!

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