Sunday, August 8, 2010


 is it FaLL yet??? 
To help boost me through the last weeks of summer,
I will keep my self afloat with visions of PurPLe.

the CoLor of Zen.

I LoVe to plan my Holiday Outfits.
The whole kit, and kaboodle.
A dress,
plenty of Accessories,

These are on my list for FaLL FLavoR....

My hair is so long and curly
that anything more than basic will become quite a mess.
To keep that problem at bay, 
I like to wear simple, delicate earrings. 
I like that the findings are dark;
it sets the depth for the PurPLe.  

September evenings with my Honey .......

Speaking of Hair,  this is a hair clip that I easily want in my CoLLeCtion.
I earned the nickname Flower Child for a reason. This helps me continue that!  I would wear three of them for a stunning effect. With Smokey Plum EyEliner and Dark Pink Lipstick...
September evenings with my Honey......

For you Pet LoVers out there, this is CooL.
My Black Cat, Mischief, would look electric with this charm tag.
Purrrfect.......hahhaa, yep, I did.

I can think of nothing to say about these shoes except they are just LoVeLy. 

This bag just screams "School's In!!!". Makes me want to sign up for classes, right now.
Fill it with a binder, sketch pad, colored pencils, change, and a paperback novel.
All in good time....

Because We all need a bit of Fun in our lives!

I don't know how this color looks on your computer screen, but in the magazine it is Luscious.
Pair it with some fish~net type stockings,
Black bOOts,
Hottness is Here!

LoVe in the late afternoon, with the windows 
September evenings with my Honey....

Is it FaLL yet???

Purple Flower Earrings ~ Hot Pink Chick

Dark Purple Flower Hair Clip ~ Hydrangea Designs

Pet Tag ~ Metamorph Designs

Purple Mary Janes ~ Aquarian Vintage[0]=tags&%3Bincludes[1]=title

Purple Messenger Bag ~ Marbled

Purple Buddha ~ Oil Paintings Art

Purple Crackle Heart Necklace ~ Unexpected Treasure

Purple Cat Hat ~ PixieBell

Amethyst Dress  ~ Northstyle


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