Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am in LoVe with these GLiTTeRs!
These GLiTTeRs are Irish Crack,
so much FuN are They.
It's the TeXTuRes that are really Rockin.

and a briLLiant assortment of CoLoRs.
The Tinsel GLiTTeR is my second faVe.
It's got Priscilla written alll over it
{Priscilla says: Got Body Glue?}

These next two are regular extra fine GLiTTeR,
but I bought them for the CoLoR.
The Raspberry is a bit darker 
than in the picture,
and I have some special PaPer 
waiting just for this one.

The Frost 
is one I've been having a LOT of Fun with.
The GLiTTeR lightens up 
quite a bit once it's been glued.
It's a Yulemas pale shiMMer, 
that you can darken by adding
more layers.

THIS is the one that gets my 
punk rock, rock and roll Art Heart goin.
The Microbeads!

These are a bit tricky.
I haven't quite found the best
way to use them.
When you pour the beads on, 
it lumps and can get very uneven.
I did get better results 
by using the sprinkle side,
but when I added 
the second/third coat,
it glumped up. 
No worries, 
it's one product I don't mind
having to keep trying out over and over!

These are a more than welcome
addition to my Supply Cabinet.
So far, I've gotten really nice results,
just as nice as Martha F'n Stewart's
{cause Martha is da bOmb!}.
and those square jars are so grOoVy. 
The jars are large, with double openings,
one for pouring,
one for sprinkles.
Replacing GLiTTeR back in jars 
is so much easier also.

I can't wait to add more selections
to my collection.
Especially the textured GLiTTeRs.

Check your store for on~line coupons.
{I bought these from Michaels.}
I thought the Hob Lob carried them,
but I can no longer find them. 

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