Monday, March 7, 2011

disney World Magic Kingdom

Great fantastical Tripp.

We started to the left,
and didn't finish til we were right.
We  felt the best time was in late afternoon
and close the park down at Midnight.
The crowds are most definitely heaviest from 11:30 to about 3 or 4pm.
Add the battle between the Strollers and Electric scooters,
and it can get pretty hectic.

Fast Pass really is worth it. 
It allows you to "reserve" a space in line 
by giving you a choice between two times to come back.
And you get in the really really short line.
While waiting, you can go do other things.
You can only do one fast pass at a time.

If you do get there for breakfast,
I recommend the Main Street Bakery.

Pecos' Bill's restaurant recommended  for lunch or dinner~
great food, decent prices
 I wouldn't recommend going on the 
Big Thunder Mountain runaway train ride after
 Before...allll you want to.

Hidden residents of Magic Kingdom

 Who wouldn't want to live in the Robinson tree house??

She wore her Pirate shirt for the Pirate ride.
He was just along for the ride...

 Many many parades.....many.

Are we there yet??

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