Saturday, March 5, 2011

Disney World

 This week's Road Tripp is brought to You
by Disney World

The Turkish Mother has ownership in one of those vacation timeshare thingies.
a Benefit to Us All in Kelly's Frontier.

Mardi gRas week turned out to be the best time
any one from Louisiana could go~
The weather was cold,
Purple and Gold!!

The timing couldn't have been more perfect....
Income tax
{goodbye kitchen cabinets}

Mardi Gras Holiday
The Wombers are
old enough to enjoy it
{as in, we didn't have to have a freakin! stroller}

I think, or so The Chook Man says,
I was more excited than the Womb Weebles.
well, duh~
I couldn't wait to show Them
all my favorite rides.

 The parade was completely awesome.

The biggest disappointment was the no longer had The Submarine ride.
I really wanted The Girl Weeble to see the Mermaids.
They took it down years ago.

This was a bare minimum baggage road tripp.
Minimal planning
Maximum fun!

It was an exciting, yet exhausting trip
{we drove; with food/pit stops, it's about 12 hours, one way}

Except for the tickets
{which by the way, saying a 10 year old child is an adult
is ToTaLLy Bogus!}
we really didn't spend that much more than a regular vacation.

Granted, the room was paid for but,
We kept the cheesy tourist gifts to a bare bones actuality,
Food was balanced between eating out and groceries from Le' Tar~jay
[Target for you non~smartarse}
and utilizing school vacation time,
Time and Money was well spent
and most importantly, I...
I mean, The Wombers, had a most
Road Tripp.

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