Monday, March 7, 2011

MGM / Hollywood Studios

 MGM now known as Disney's Hollywood Studios
{Universal is still a separate entity}
is small and mostly shopping and restaurants.
We went for the Indiana Jones show
The Muppets 3 D Theater
The Star Wars ride.
No Star Wars ride.
They are changing it up or something.

 ABC Commissary ~ recommend for Lunch/Dinner
The Fish plate was really good.

 Indiana and Marion doing their thing.
The Womb Weebles really had a "blast" at this show.

This is the only reason I came to this park.
The freakin Muppets!
{no flash photography please}

 Funnel Cake ~ a piece of Heaven right there in your lap...
on your lap,
your clothes,
your face
your hair...
I knew the minute we entered the park,
that this was how I was going to end my day.
and I did.

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