Sunday, March 6, 2011

Downtown Disney

We planned our tripp to arrive late afternoon Saturday
to be able to visit Downtown Disney
for Two Reasons~
Blu and the Lego Store
RayRay and the T~Rex Restaurant..
nuf said.

The Blu Man is an avid Legomaniac.
He was promised his Birthday Presents from the Lego Store
{the actual store in under remodeling,
but they have a temp place further down}
The only Lego Creature we saw was the Water Dragon;
They LoVed it.

 and then, there is......T~Rex.

RAWR means I LoVe You in Dinosaur.
and We LOVE this restaurant.

recommend making Reservations.

They have the water taxi's that can bring you from section to section,
if you would rather not walk.
It's very beautiful at night.
This is a shopping and restaurant park.
You can look at a list of shops and eateries on~line,
many of which show their prices.

The only ride I could see was the Hot Air Balloon,
and it wasn't running when we were there.

They also have Cirque De Soleil which is very popular.

 I'm glad we knocked this out the first night though.
Shopping isn't our favorite thing to do, plus...
It freed us up for The Good Stuff.

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