Saturday, March 5, 2011


 Road Tripp Traveling Fun~time Bagg

 Usually for Road Tripps, I go all out,
even buying full out new makeup, beauty stuff, etc.
This trip we went the opposite. For the most part.

We shall call it Mickey&Minnie Minimal.

I treated this like a backpacking packing.

 Grey Faux Wrap dress from Target; It wears MUCH prettier!

T~shirts *       3 or 4 short, 1 long
Leggings *      1 black
Shoes *           2 pairs ~ 1 pair of sneakers,
                      1 pair of sandals {which also double up for "dressy"}
Dresses *        2 casual chic ~ 1 black wrap dress, 1 grey faux wrap
Pants  *           2 pairs ~ 1 black roll up, 1 army green capri
1 set pjs' otherwise known as a pair of boxers and a wife beater t shirt
Bathing suit

Light coats or jacket/hoodies

The Kiddos and The Chook Man were pretty much the same.

After Yulemas, I decided to get more serious 
about paying off some of our bills,
and decided that I would only use what I have. 
No buying unless I run out, or its a special day.
And I only brought the basics. 
1 lipstick, 1 mascara, 2 eyeliner, 1 nail polish, eyedrops, chapstick

This little ensemble is perfect for road tripps

 Plus, it's roomy enough for a few extras.

You know those bubble baths, and shower gels and odd bath pearls that you get for gifts, 
most prolific during Holiday Gift Giving??? 
These are perfect for these kinds of Holiday. 
Better than the hotel stuff, but not your really good stuff... 
You can still be a Queen Priscilla without giving up the pamp.
It's a Holiday, Holidays are to pampering, as Priscilla is to GLiTTeR

 This is one The Girl Child has

Each of us had a small suitcase, you know, the overhead bin suitcase.
It was perfect,
Nobody was in need of anything

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