Saturday, March 5, 2011

Womb Weebles suitcases

 Half or more of our Road Tripps 
have the Womb Weebles with Us.
We really do have fun as a family on these trips.

This time around, it's The Kids turn to 
get new luggage.
Again, Target was the place.

The NiNja Cupcake is like her Womb Mother
{ha! I did!}
She likes the Faun~cee stuff
and went with the Girly Floral.

The Blu Man, whom is like his
1/8 enlarged scale model,
went for the Plain Blue Boy.

The bonus were these great matching Messenger bags.
With all kinds of nooks and pockets,
it had the power to make a reallllly long trip
into a pleasant, busy one!

The insides were your typical zippered net.
The rolling cases are overhead bin ready,
adjustable pull out handle,
and wheels.

Makes any Kid, a Big Kid
ready to take on the World.
and besides,
They LoVed em~

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