Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's FiFthe of moOd...

 Dude, I'm just here to Rock!

 Strength ~ The Alarm
{crank. it. UP!}


Birth, School, Work, Death ~ The Godfathers 

 Wikka Wrap ~ The Evasions

She Comes Alive ~ Baby Monster 

Blood and Roses ~ The Smithereens 


  1. KeLLy aNN,

    I love these videos! I found them at just the right time to recharge myself!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by to read and comment on my long and rambling post. Mr. Palmer was shaken (not stirred) and recovered after a visit with his Piscine Psychiatrist. All is well....cj

  2. {Cj ~ I love reading your posts. It's like being with Family!

  3. Where are you? It has been over a week since you published a post! Thanks for your comments on my latest post about Parrish. I'm thinking of building a blog just for him and my issues with him........cj

  4. {cj ~ I'm here! "} just been in a down home funk lately; slowly getting out...