Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March ~ Pisces the Fish

"I must be a mermaid, Rango.
I have no fear of depths, 
and a great fear of shallow living."
~ Anais Nin


 Pisces ~ Erick Turnbull

Ahhh, the Pisces.
The Mermaid who wants to be a Human.
The dilemma.

No dilemma here with these treasures~
Whether Mermaid, or Princess
you can't go wrong with these Beauties.

This whymsical print
would be lovely
hanging above
my claw foot tub; 
all dreamy and such.

What Mermaid Princess 
wouldn't look gorgeous 
in this Sea Blue Gown.

Accessorize with this Enchanting bracelet and Moonstone ring,
well, Poseidon himself may ask for a dance.
The bracelet is one of the most imaginative I've seen
in a long time!
I have a lovely affection for mOOnstone, even being the
stone in my engagement ring.

Here! Here!
The sparkalicious Mary Janes speak for themselves.
Like millions of Stars, sparkling off the sea water.
Venus herself has a pair.

oh my~ a Mermaid of a different Adventure.
My kind of Chic!
There to remind me, it's alllll in the Attitude.

Whether it holds your Treasures,
or your favorite cake and cuppa,
this plate really is beautiful.

 For my cat, Mischief.
If she had pierced ears.
Or, for a Human, with jeans and a t~shirt....

Fish print ~ Krize

Pisces Mermaid plate ~ Reannag Teine

Blue Dress ~ Lucky Penny Wares

Pisces bracelet ~ Contrary

Mermaid with Otter ~ Kathryn LeMieux

mOOnstone Ring ~ Passionate Jewelry

Fishbone Earrings ~ Grigiodesign



  1. I'm a piscean and love these things that you have chosen! I especially love the print, the mary jane shoes (couldn't wear anything else!) and that gorgeous fork bangle. It's very true that us fishy types are dreamy and scarily out of a team of 7 women at work 4 of us are pisceans! Marie x

  2. {Minky ~ I wish that dress fit me!

  3. {Minky ~ maybe if I keep riding my bike,um, maybe in a year....or two! lol