Saturday, July 9, 2011

TarT Class

What a Wonderful way to spend the Day! 
I've always been interested in Pastry making/cooking.
Over the last several years, I've occasionally called around
locally for just a Pastry Class.

You always had to take the full Cooking Course {4 year program}.
Finally they came up with the 2 year Pastry program.
Then even Better than that.....wait for it: LEISURE Classes!
What better way to learn some new stuff 
without the financial and time commitments 
needed for the full course. 

They average about $100 dollars a class, 
give or take a few dollars.  
Since I know a guy...I got a discount. 


This particular class was on the Turkish Mother's Birthday 
{Happy Birthday Mom!}
so I treated Her also. 
Oh what a LoVeLy Day!

We prepared 1 Large Fruit TarT
and 4 Smaller TarTs of Various Stuff.
I forgot to get a picture of the Fruit TarT
{not a fan of Fruit TarT so I gave it to Eleanor}

The Mini Tarts were actually easier than the big one.
I'm definitely a Fan now.

This is what we made:

Apple Bourdalou 
{this was my favorite}
Chocolate TarT
Linzer TarT
These were Delish! 
The Blu Man wiped them out in two days!
I did manage to get half the Apple one.
We were able to keep the extra dough, so I can remake them.

This was the German Chocolate TarT which was really Tasty
but we used the wrong type dough so it fell apart. 

This was a mini HoHo Holiday...
Family, Food, Fun
{the 3 most important rules and criteria for a proper Holiday}

 If you're looking to try something new and broaden your horizons,
look up your local Culinary school and see what they have to offer.

now I can cook allll Faaaancy!

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