Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Citrusy Fresh Laundry Wash

 I've been completely in LoVe with the whole homemade detergent
{HOMEMADE, hoOkers!}
for a few years now.

When I don't have time to make a whole batch of it,
I will just shave off a thin slice using a cheese grater thingy,
and toss that in the wash.
But thanks to a fellow Betty Blogger, I'm going alll the way this time.
 The biggie ~ she added a bar of Dr. Bronner's to her mix.

Talk about Potions and Notions.
What a great idea.

I chose the Citrus, well, because, the cover is Yellow
and I love the scent of Citrus.
Actually, I was thinking, besides the great scent,
the Citrus might even help brighten a little more.
I'm no chemist {I prefer Mixologist, if you please}, just guessing.

Let's get to Mixologing:

Box of Borax
Box of Baking Soda
Zote soap
Dr. Bronner's Citrus soap
Moderate sized Container
Food Processor with Grater attachment
Cheese grater
Big Bowl
Great Outdoors

Using the Slice side of my Cheese Grater, I grated both bars of soap.
Then put them in the Food Processor to finely grate.

Then add half a box of Baking Soda to the food processor.
Maybe add the whole box later.
{I want to make sure it doesn't leave a film on my clothes first}
Dump this into your big mixing bowl, add box of Borax.
Then run the complete mixture through the food processor 
till completely mixed and a fine texture.
I used a small bowl to scoop it out and put in the processor.
Place in container and voila!

You have Citrusy Fresh Laundry Wash

Most recommendations average 2 TBL of Laundry Wash to the washing.
I add a spoonful extra to my towels.

I love this kind of stuff.
My grandma would be proud!

Here's My Bit of Earth's version:


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