Saturday, July 2, 2011

My FaVoRiTe tOOLs ~ Razor Saw

oh lovely saw, razor saw...
how i have waited for thee!

I work with a LOT of Resin.
One of the biggest problems
is being able to cut.

Dremel ~ only so so, and depends on what you need.
If you use a cutter wheel,
you can only get half through and then you have to turn your piece.
Many times that leaves an very unsightly ridge,
which takes serious sanding to get out.

Jewelers Saw ~ yeah, if I like wasting 20 blades on one cut.

Jigsaw ~ yeah, right.

Band Saw ~ haven't tried yet.

Mini Cutter Saw ~ will be trying soon.

You get the jist of it.
I don't know how I never stumbled upon this,
but I hit pay dirt in my gOOgLeNess.
A Razor Saw.
Model Train and Model enthusiasts seem to really like this tool,
and now I know why.
I went for the middle one, and luckily
HoBBy LoBBy not only carried it,
but had it in stock.
And does it work.

Yes, I have to use some elbow grease
{but hey, my arms could use it}
But as long as I go slow and steady,
I can get some hella good cuts.
Thinner than I've been able to with other blades.
The handle is extremely comfortable in the grip department.

The cuts are clean for resin.
Resin is going to have cut~film no matter what you use
{at least in my experience so far}.
This keeps it minimal which is VERY important 
when it comes time for the task of Sanding.

I cannot say anything about how long the blade lasts,
I haven't used it that long yet.
These are not replaceable blades.
The experience with this razor blade makes it easier to 
decide to try a higher end model that does come
with replaceables.

This was less than $15, and I've already gotten my money's worth out of it.

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