Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping ~ The Waitresses

I LOVE the Funnies for wrapping paper.  
I don't get to do it very often, due to the fact that
hardly anybody gets the paper anymore!

But this year....jackpot!
Also recycled tissue paper from other presents, scraps of yarn...viola!
The tissue paper is great for those "round" shapes that need coverage.

These small snack boxes, are perfect for things
like gift certificates.

For t shirts, you can't go wrong with
some hand cut tags,
scrap yarn,
and five minutes. 

And of course, everyone is gonna read the comics.
You get twice the giggle for the price of one~ 
and it's all free which makes it triple nice!


  1. KeLLY aNN,

    I love this post. Wish I had read it sooner, but the holidays really ate into my blogging time. I like to use left over cellophane for wrapping. If you use one layer of red and one of green, it's opaque, and all you need is a pretty ribbon - preferably recycled!

    Thanks for your sweet and touching comment o my latest post. I have Clint's ashes at home, so I talk to him all the time - have started putting hats on him. You should have seen his Santa hat!

    I finally believe that I am healing, and hearing such encouragement and understanding from you makes it real.

    Thanks, Girlfriend..........cj

  2. {cj ~ you are too kind~ thank you. I am going to try your wrapping idea for the next holidays. I bet blue and green cellophane would be gorgeous too. or even yellow and orange. It will be a willy wonka kind of Yulemas!