Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yulemas stocking stuffers

 an American Tradition since 1967!!

Stockings are to Me the best part of Yulemas.
Since as far back into Childhood as I can remember, 
The Stocking held such grand treats.
Pecan Rolls are the first Candy I remember getting.  
Along with a tiny doll that was very popular.

I still remember my 13th Christmas Stocking....
it held my first MakeUp and Beauty Treats.

Now I try to make our Stockings just as Magical.

No matter what Trinkets I may put in them,
like Movies, Gift Cards, Calendars, Make Up Bags...
the Candy Treats pretty much stay the same.

Ice Cubes are awesome.
Along with the Chocolate Icicles.
When I can find them.
Alas, it isn't very often.

Since the Chocolate Orange
{WHAM! Unwrap and Eat}
first came out {of. the. BOX!}
our Stockings have been blessed with one every year.

This is a fairly recent addition in the past decade. 
I just LoVe seeing Santa poking out of the top of the Stocking.

I discovered Botan Rice Candy with the Edible PaPer
from one of The Brother's Friends,
20 years ago.
It was a tradition for Her MoM to put them in Her stocking.

and who can resist Toblerone?
well, I can't anyway.
These are the NiNjas of Yulemas Candy.
They have a way of disappearing if you blink...

 This is definitely the most unique thing I put in the Stockings.
Odd, yet quite, Odd.
But Wonderful.

 Here's to the Magic of Stockings and the Things they are Stuffed with...
Santa knew.

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