Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 nuff said.

sigh, I will again, one day, have The Mustang.

but for now:
let's satisfy that urge with these....
Holiday HoHo's
{like the cake treat but without the calories}

 Silver is just Wynter.
I've warmed to Gold/Red
but it's still Silver for Me.

Many Parties and Get~togethers,
Socializing and Sassiness,
 Fairy Lights...

 How Cheery is this, Darling?
 with rings on Her fingers...
Sparkle at your finger tips,
the perfect partner to those Fairy Lights.

I love this piece of art work...
it's beautiful
and soothing.
I have a thing for Silver Trees~

The Perfect Dress for a walk through
those Silver Trees...Magical.
This one just brings Me straight back to High School.
Wynters were just the best.
We felt so grown up, having parties, going to the clubs...

 Because you can't have too much Hot Beverages
for the Holidays...

moving on....
need a good Laugh?

we LOVE Dinosaurs at our house.
Me? since Land of the Lost, BayBee!
Here's a CooL t~shirt for those down for relaxation days..
to grab a bite with Friends at the Cafe,
with Jeans,
for a LoVeLy afternoon 
of PaPerbacks, Pastries, and Tea
 Dinosaurs Rock!
{just keep ahead}

Here is my pick for my beloved Mary Janes...
My first thought when I say these was "ooh, Witchy...
double shazam, Wynter Witchy".
yep, no argument there, or here. 
LoVe them.

 Of course, to polish off any Holiday outfit,
a beautiful coat and Holiday Purse.

along with Metallic eyeliner
and frosty pink lipstick...
oh Cher' BeBe~

and to end on this Bright and Cheery note,
this embroidery.

Snow globe Ring
Pink and Red Deer in Silver Forest ~ Michelle Brunner

Vintage Silver Dress ~ Coral Vintage

Vintage 80s Sweater Dress ~ Decadence Past
Coffee Carafe ~ Wilshepherd
Silver Mary Janes ~ Onceinabluemoonvint
Silver FauxFur Coat ~ More to Adore Vintage 
Silver Clutch ~ Vintage Circa Style

Silver Bird Love embroidery ~ Colleenbunny

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