Sunday, December 5, 2010

Revamping Ornaments, Vintage or Otherwise

 When I think of childhood holiday ornaments,
I can't think of one where GLiTTeR isn't part of it.
So, Sparkle Addiction is a childhood manifestation.
My poor little Angels were looking a bit wonky,
so I jassed them Up.

How can a Cherub be a proper Cherub without
the proper amount of GLiTTeR??

The only dilemma is,
how much,
who much,
that much.

I used Mod Podge and brushed it on
where ever I wanted to renew the Sparkle.

One I covered just the Fancy parts.
Two was covered more all over than not.
Three was just whip GLiTTeRed: 
mod podge, whip of glitter to fall where it may, minimally.

Let dry.

Now there's a proper Cherub.

Priscilla says,  mmm~hmmm.


  1. Amen Sista to the glitta! Everything looks better with glitter! Your cherubs look heavenly.

  2. Why would anyone want a plain cherub when they could have a glitter cherub?! They are adorable.

  3. {Melissa ~ thank ya, thank ya very much!
    I would wear head to toe glitter if I wouldn't get stared at to much, lol

  4. {Lizzie ~ thank you. I wish the pictures would have come out better. It's a really fine glitter and really catches the light.

  5. Ooh glitzy, schmitzy...very christmazy!

  6. {Minky ~ The more I look at them, the more I think " I shoulda added MORE Glitter!"}