Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wooden Tiered Yulemas Tree ~

 {the picture does no justice}

 I wanted to do this craft
as soon as I saw it.
Instead of visions of sugar plums,
I had visions of glass bead ornaments,
fabric flowers,
and of course

I envisioned whole forests 
of gaily decorated Wooden trees....I digress.

This is a fairly time consuming project,
but do not let that put you off.
It's a weekend project, 
or evening project during the week.
If you have Power TooLs! 
{Power TooLs ~ a hooker's dream come true~}
it will speed it up.
I did make some adjustments and will post those at the end.

3 10' length "screen" moulding
 1 1/4 inch diameter Wooden Ball
1/4 inch round dowel
Wooden base stand
Wooden Block OR Wooden Squares
 1/4 drill bit OR  1/4 inch flat wood bit
Wood Glue
 JigSaw or  Miter saw
Decorative supplies
and GLiTTeR!

 Measure your Wood out. I went straight down the slat and
measured out each set one right after another.
All my 12s, then the 11s, etc.
Seems to save some wood that way.
Mark them in sequence ~ 12-1, 12-2, 12-3...

12" ~ 3
11" ~ 3
10" ~ 3
9" ~ 4
8" ~ 4
7" ~ 4
6" ~ 4
5" ~ 4
4" ~ 4
3" ~ 4
2" ~ 4

Cut the wood {I have a miter saw so I used that to quickly cut my pieces}.

Next, you'll want to drill the holes in the center of each piece.
I used  a 1/4 inch flat wood bit {looks like a bad ass Caveman arrow}
due to the fact that my 1/4 inch drill bit was dull.
Drill from the top {the domed part}.
It creates a smoother cleaner cut on top {will be rough on flat side}

At this time, drill the center hole for the base,

and drill to widen the hole in the wooden ball for the dowel to fit.

I used squares pieces instead of a block for the tree trunk.
I staggered the drilled holes so that when I stacked them,
they were "knobby", not even.

When you are finished drilling the center holes,
it's time to sand.
The wood is pretty soft, so hand sanding shouldn't be too bad.
I used my table top belt sander and the work
went by really fast.
If you use an electric sander,
be aware that it will quickly eat away the wood
and can mess your measurements up.

Lightly sand the cut edges and the drill holes.

Stain or paint.

When that is dry,
use the wood glue to attach
the 1/4 inch dowel rod
to the 1 1/4 inch wooden ball.
Let Dry.

Assemble the wooden slats to the dowel rod.
Add the wooden squares,
place wood glue on the last wooden square
and then slide the wooden base stand on.
I left mine upside down so the weight of the base stand
would glue to the wooden square.
After it dried, I used a hand saw to trim the dowel rod.

Now all that's left is to DECORATE!

I decided to go all out on this one,
seeing as it's a practice piece.
That way, I could adjust on future trees,
what I like and what I didn't.

It's also a great opportunity to use up those
arts and crafts supplies that are just hanging around.

I made Tiny Candles and
a PoPcorn and Cranberry Garland.

Wish I had enough for the whole tree.
I am leaning toward the Natural Wood look at this point,
but am wanting to try a White Tree,
covered entirely with White Decor.

Of course, there's always Halloween too!

These pictures are the original directions from

I cut my wood different than the directions.
It seemed to be wasteful cutting it per the directions in the book.
I used Wood Squares instead of a solid Wood Block

Screen Moulding

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