Monday, November 22, 2010

The Cat Who Ate Modern Danish ~ a good read

I LoVe Mysteries.

a "speaking" Cat,
loads of Mid Century Modern,
and.....wait for it......written in 1967!!!

that's right, peeps, only the best year evah!

This is the second book in the acclaimed Cat series.
Thank goodness because I only have one, to catch up.

There's Qwilleran, an ex cop now journalist newsman, with his twitching walrus mustache, that
gives Him a heads up on His Instinct and Intuition.

KoKo, the Siamese cat who is quite the astonishing detective Himself.
Plays dictionary games with Qwill, and
let's Qwill know if He's on the right track.

and lots of Mid Century Modern,
enough to make you drool on the newsprint pages of that borrowed
library book.....{shhh, the blow dryer took care of that}

I had a lot of fun reading this and going "oooh yeah, I know what that is....
so and so bligged about it"

I know traditionally during Holidays,
many people are too busy to read.
This book would be perfect for that long road trip 
{after the kids have been dosed with nyquil, um, I mean taking a nap..}

when the Turkey is taking it's holiday sauna

Aunt Hortence, who really does have a walrus mustache,
wants you to trim it for Her.
Hey! you know its happened!

The best thing to make the best of Holidays is to remember
that stress reduction is a must to make the day Delicious AND Delightful.
 Books are the perfect thing.

"The Cat Who...." series ~ wikipedia

Lillian Jackson Braun

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