Saturday, November 20, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights ~

 I ♥ Sharpies!
It's quite amazing I never ended up 
a Graffiti Artist considering how much 
I used to love to doodle.

These ultra fine point Sharpie markers
are like catching a Rainbow in Ink.
{although, I wouldn't recommend tasting them}
I'd use them to write in my journal 
if they didn't bleed through.
The 24 assorted pack is just da bomb.

and the lovely sparkle to this hand grenade of art 
is the 80s Glam Special Addition markers.

slam, I'm back in HigH school...
I used to have a socks and a sweatshirt
in those same colors!

snapsnapsnap! back to the post at hand...

I use my Sharpies for much of my art. 

They are great for staining
the edges of paper cutouts. 
The ultra fine point slides along
the edge smoothly and easily.
The subtle bleeding makes the images really stand out.

Apparently they are great for drawing intricate on dough ornaments, as I will be finding out in a few weeks...

I'm playing around with the Sharpies 
on Illustration Board, 
and Ink.
and of course, 
they are just Delightful! for Children of all ages 
to draw tattoos on them Selves...
hey, it's cheaper than real Ink!

Priscilla says they'll do in a pinch for eyeliner...
or X marks the spot.
{in response to my query about marking spots,
all I received is a sly smile}

The 24 pack is not terribly expensive,
and they do last quite awhile.
The prices range from $17 to $20.
If you have other Artistic personas in the house,
it would BeHooVe you,
to invest in more than one pack.
Also available in Caribbean CoLors,
and Regular CoLors.
You can order Individual Pens online.

So have a festive colorful Holiday Journey, and make sure the kids decorate the tree and not themselves.

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