Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashioning rituals for the holidays

 I LOVED!!! Holidays as a Kid, and continue to to this day.
I now pass this on to The Small Ones and it's the same for them.

I scour books and cyber ripples of people's frontiers,
picking up ideas,
creating new ones.
There are constants, that I would feel naked without.
{and not in a good, running through the woOds Naked good}
 As if my Rituals and Holidays would be dead without them.

Constants ~ candles, incense, music
Candles ~ many

Incense ~ Nag Champa

Music ~ most likely:
70s ~ esp Saturday Night Fever!
Vintage Holiday Classics
Rockin ass 90s

There are several Traditions that 
have been passed on
from The Family.
{and may or may not, be in a Hank Williams way, wink}

*Chicken and Dumplings
*Lemon Meringue Pie
*Turkish CoOkies
*Unique Stuffed Stockings
*Bass & Rankin shows

New ones, that are rad!

* Family Yulemas Tree Day
*Apple Cake
*New Orleans Ornament Road Tripp
*Jingle Jammies
*Summer Beach Trip
*IHOP Holiday Breakfast, on Christmas Eve Morn
*Road Tripp Indian Restaurant

These are just a few of the Wonderful Things that our Family
loves to do, our Jewel Traditions.
I start planning and scouring in Summer,
usually after our Beach trip.
make up,
craft ideas,
Of Course, thanks to unending cyber connectivity, you'll never run out of ideas.
The trick is to keep your favorite tried & true,
play around with new ones,
find a couple that enhance your Holiday Traditions,
and definitely don't be afraid to get rid of ones 
that don't work.

In fact, My Family wouldn't blink an eye 
if I showed up looking like that Fella at the top!
hey, Stranger things have happened.... 

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