Sunday, November 28, 2010

Elvis and The Memphis Mambo Murders by Peggy Webb

I discovered Peggy Webb last year during the Holidays.
Instant Fan.
and didn't even have to add water....go figure.

This is her newest addition to the Southern Cousins Mysteries
and it has kept up the good read following the first two.

Elvis {the show stopping hound dog} is glad to be "home" in Memphis
While the Cousins, Callie and Lovie are hot stepping it
to keep an eye on Callie's Momma, Ruby Nell
and her new "friend",
stay a step ahead of a Murderer
is danger from a dark eyed stranger according to Bobby the Psychic.
while trying to figure out their Love Lives.

not to mention, but will,
keeping Elvis from stealing the show from the Famous Peabody Ducks.

as if!

Lots of laughs and just simply,
a good read.

I look forward to the next few additions of
The Southern Cousins Mysteries
{and more Elvis...cause, you can never get enough of Elvis
no matter what form He's in!}

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