Saturday, November 13, 2010

Herbal Wish Candle

 Being on the Pagan pathway, pretty much life long,  I've learned its all in the attitude.

 That's why wishes do come true....

My most favored way of working a little Magic is by Candlework.
I'm an Aries, Fire is my friend!

Working with Herbs and their associations, Magically or Medicinally, 
creates a calming influence in My Life.
So when someone I know seems like they need a little boost of happiness, 
I do one of two things:

*make Corner Cheesecake Brownies
*an Herbal Candle

I peruse the Herbal Almanacs and Books that I have,  
selecting what feels like the right ones.
I try to limit it to 5 herbs because those Candles can get pretty heavy.
{and fire hazardy}

A friend was down recently, due to a fall out over a home purchase.
To cheer Him up, I put together a Herbal Wish Candle.

Using one large White jumbo candle,
I used melted wax to stick the herbs.
One of the Bettie Bloggers that I follow used 
a Heat Gun to place her objects to the candle.
SWEET idea....but alas, too late for this project!
Place a sprinkle of Herbs on the Candle
and dribble some melted wax on it. 
Try not to cover the herbs too much with melted wax, 
because it dries white and hides them. 
Also makes the candle very heavy.

These throughout history have powerful vibrations, or reputations, or what you will...
and they smell so Delightful! 
{smells different when burning, more like an outside fire}

Frankincense ~ positive high energy, blessing, consecration
Myrrh ~ raises the vibrational level
Sandalwood ~ making wishes
Juniper Berry  ~attracts healing energy
Rosemary ~ Cleansing and positive energy

Make sure the wax/herbs/candle are completely cool before wrapping in brightly colored tissue paper.
Add a note explaining:
what each Herb is representing,
not to leave candle burning unattended, 
burn in/on appropriate holder like a large plate or a small clay pot with dirt/sand in it
but most importantly
To take a deep breathe, 
clear your mind, 
concentrate on your wish, 
visualize it into your candle, 
and Light!

If you put the candle out, make sure and do
your visualization every time you relight it.

I leave the spent wax and herbs outside, in the back corner of the yard.

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