Monday, November 15, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

It really is the simple things in Life
that can pull it together.

This week is just two simple white
coffee cups picked up at a local store.

and some sweet smelling soap!

I was raised on 5:30 am Coffee Milk by The DaD.
Hence, the relaxing affect that coffee has on Me.

The Chook Man and I LoVe Coffee.

The Chook Man and I met at a Coffee Shop. 

With the added bonus and entertaining bit 
of Me walking straight into a pole and bonking my nose.

Claims have been made that this is when Cupid, laughing so hard, tumbled, 
letting loose his Shot to the Heart 
and LoVe came stumbling in...

These are perfect for our afternoon break,
or early Sunday if we are Lucky enough for The Mini Us's to sleep late, and catch a cup ooor, two!, while hanging out and listening to Kasey Kasem's Top 40 from many many Billboards long ago...

(Priscilla says, 1975 was a damn good year}
(as she raises her "Hello, Lover" coffee mug in salute)

The soap is Hugo Soap from Whole Foods. 
The great thing about this, is you can cut your own,
allowing you to sample it, 
without spending your Whole Paycheck.
I believe this is the WhiteChocolate/Pathchouli?
These soaps lather really well, and have some heavenly scents.


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