Sunday, May 8, 2011

May ~ Taurus the BuLL

 I believe in Pink.

Pretty in Pink ~ The Psychedelic Furs

Clean lines; simple design.
Chunky, nothing bull about this.

 Pink Scented marker.

Lakshmi ~
Hindu GoDDeSS of Wealth,
Spiritual & Material Prosperity,
Light, Wisdom, Fortune,
Fertility, Generosity, and Courage
She is also
the embodiment of Beauty, Grace, and Charm.
and Her color is Pink.
What more could a GoDDeSS ask for???

I know....Plastic Elvis.
The World is complete.

How LoVeLy is this?
This Pink Goddess soap is listed as one of the companies best sellers.
Scented in Tropical Citrus, a scent perfect for any time of the year.
Big Bonus: $1 donation {from each purchase} to a Breast Center

These Dudes are listed as earrings;
I think they would be great as Cuff Links.
Tell the World, you wanna mess with the Bull
you gonna get the horns....

If the Bull gets a little much in your Life,
let this guy handle it!

For the Mother Taurus,
this Gorgeous pink Jade bracelet.
 These and Nothing else.....
except for some frosty pink lipstick

But....If you must go out, these flats look to have Class and Comfort.
Fuchsia Cotton for Day
Fuchsia Silk for Night.

Put on some Pink, and go out to take the World.
As You do, remember this:
We Bulls Wobble, but We don't fall down.....

MahaLakshmi Altar photo ~ venkatraman photography

Silver Taurus Bull ~ inekemathot

Lakshmi statue figurine ~ Krishna Culture

Pink Goddess Soap ~ Oregon Oatmeal Comapany

Pink Bracelet ~ Mummarocks

Pink Mary Janes ~ Heartsndilly

Pink chinese Mary Janes

El Matador ~ tspvintage

Oxen Earrings ~ Karramba

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