Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Garden of Thrice and the Swap Co~op

 Alrighty ha~ three times the charm they say.
We shall see.

Childhood Friend Since 2nd Grade ~ Eleanor to some, Elly to most
..and I,
are doing a Garden Swap. 
We picked a few things to grow, 
She's doing some, 
I'm doing others
and then, wait for it.................we swap.

Have no doubt, that I will be the greater beneficiary in this,
for She is the green thumb horticulturist,
and I do my gardening on Hail Mary's and Cussin.

My Garden ~ Creole Tomatoes {local allll the way}


Perhaps ~ Chamomile

The Chook Man planted his PePPers again,
of which there was an abundance last year;
hoping for the same again.

Eleanor has in her Garden~
Tomatoes {different variety of which the name escapes me}

On a very delightful note,
I've been watching My Persimmon Neighbor's trees
and they are starting to get full and luscious.

So I raise my coffee mug to those Garden Spirits,
in hopes of  Them having a sense of humor,
and blessing Me with an abundant garden.
Who are we kidding?
I'd be happy with one tomato.

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