Sunday, May 1, 2011

Turkish saugsage and eggs

Pronounced "soo~juk"

If I totally want to score points with The Chook Man,
I will cook this for Hims.

Turkish sausage is this heavenly combination of taste.
Not to sausage~y, or hot doggy,  it has a tang to it.
The way my Mother always made it was to slice it,
cook slightly on both sides,
and then add the eggs.
I turn the heat down a bit, to a high!med
to give the eggs time to cook without burning.

 The two foods balance each other out wonderfully.
It's definitely a nice change up from Bacon.

I always drink mine with Hot Tea and 
prefer to eat this for breakfast.
The Chook Man will eat it anytime of the day,
mostly lunch or dinner with a good Beer.
It's a simple hearty meal.

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