Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vintage that is just really crap....

One of the biggest disappointments about our trip
{besides not coming up with a tattoo design in time}
was the RI~DONK~U~LOUS!!! prices
that the "vintage" shops have truly invented.
Megalomaniac comes to mind.

Honey, your stuff is just that....stuff.
It's not even great stuff, it's mostly crap.

And although, 
that really perfect mint green trio 
of Fire King mixing bowls Maybe worth the $85/95 tag you put on it,
the $30 tag that you put on the vingrette bottle ~ isn't!

Priscilla says "Outrageous!!

Gregg at Gregg's Antiques {where we got our 2 lounge chairs last October} 
took my deal I offered ~ $10 for the Plastic Santa, half of what they wanted...SOLD
I was really thinking $7 but He gave us a tremendous deal last time so it was worth
the extra $3. I will be going back!

The point being I could have gotten a brand new giant one for less than that.

Priscilla says "What a nice man"

Fellow Betty~Blogger, Lizzie, at   The Vintage Traveler

has several well written,
intelligent Musings and Posts on this subject,
from the Fashion perspective.

The Basics still apply to all areas.
Calling it Vintage, doesn't make it quality.

So, the Treasure Hunt continues....


  1. KeLLy Ann,
    Thanks for the link to The Vintage Traveler.

    As a friend of mine says about over-priced junk, "The seller must love it a lot more than I do!"

  2. {Lizzie ~ tru dat! As evidence by how much of it was still IN the store! "} your welcome~